Achieve “Transparency through Technology” by establishing integration between your supply chain, data management, business goals and fulfillment.

“We are a small company with products still in pipeline.  How can an inventory management and direct distribution program benefit my organization?”

– BioMauris Partner

DataDirect is much more than an inventory management and distribution platform.  Starting with initial consultation sessions and throughout our partnership, our project managers and IT developers work closely with you to help determine the optimal solution for your organization.  We coordinate outreach and marketing campaigns, contact management services and full assistance in implementing an inventory and distribution program when the time is right.  All customized solutions include:


  • Flexible fee structures based on services rendered
  • Data secured by Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM used by companies such as Amazon, Citibank and United Airlines
  • 24/7 access to customizable dashboards and reports
  • Integration with multiple external systems, websites and hardware devices
  • Database management: patients, physicians, sales, leads, sales team
  • Outreach and marketing campaigns
  • Scalable services accommodate the growth of your company

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Pharmaceuticals- Rx management and direct distribution through our nationwide partner pharmacy network.

Medical Foods- Realize increased margins and product exposure by shortening the supply chain

Raise your brand’s value proposition with an online mail-order pharmacy program

Implement a product research program, manage your contact and lead database, control your inventory and more with specialized programs that fit your business

BioMauris has positioned itself to become a leader on the exciting frontier of medical and recreational cannabis

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Our patented technology platform, DataDirect™, enables direct order and delivery of medications...

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