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Our company was born in the bio-pharmaceutical space when we acquired the US rights to a globally distributed treatment for hypertension.  Building on this experience, we facilitated the FDA approval and manufacturing and distribution rights for a fixed-dose combination hypertension medication.  We quickly came to realize that there were inefficiencies in the established big pharma distribution model.  Lack of control over distribution and access to information have created a situation where manufacturers are unable to trace the path of their products from production to patient.  With no connection between physician, patient and prescription, fulfillment data remained a mystery, making business analytics decisions unnecessarily difficult. With the goal of filling in these gaps, our patented DataDirect technology platform was developed and continues to evolve…


Alternatives to conventional medical treatments are an exciting proposition for consumers and manufacturers alike.

Q: What are medical foods?

A: Medical foods are foods that are specially formulated and intended for the dietary management of a disease that has distinctive nutritional needs that cannot be met by normal diet alone.

There is no denying that people are becoming increasingly concerned about what they use to fuel, maintain and heal their bodies. This trend is reflected in everything from the rising popularity of natural and healthy restaurant and supermarket options to books and documentaries exposing problems with the food and medical industries. Evidence of opportunity is everywhere: people are turning away from industrial chemicals in their food and medical treatments at rates never seen before.  The global market is expected to increase at an annual growth rate of 6.9% through the year 2025 to a value of $24.4 billion.

Medical Foods Market Size Worth $24.4 Billion By 2025 | CAGR: 6.9%: Grand View Research, Inc.

Opportunities in Medical Food Distribution

Medical foods lie somewhere between prescription pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements in how they are treated, opening up distribution channels unavailable for prescription pharmaceuticals.  Leveraging the DataDirect model, BioMauris can help you penetrate new markets while gaining complete control over tracking your product movement and increasing patient retention.

With no requirements to be sold with a prescription and no NDC (National Drug Code) numbers, distributors do not need to be licensed pharmacies. BioMauris has extensive experience running direct distribution programs from our main facility. Utilizing our direct distribution services run on DataDirect technology has advantages when compared with strictly using retail pharmacies and drugstores:

  • No middlemen to markup prices, which limits patient access to your product and reduces margins
  • Consistent pricing saves patients time and money by avoiding comparison shopping and trips to the pharmacy
  • Automated refills enable hassle-free payment processing and shipping. All patients receive refill reminders by e-mail and phone. Physicians receive fax requests for new prescriptions.
  • Integration provides the most complete picture of business analytics. Activity on your enrollment site and online marketplace feed into DataDirect, placing your marketing, sales, and fulfillment data in a single repository.
  • BioMauris call center acts as an extension of your business, managing your customer base, prescribing physicians, and even your field sales team.
Partnering with BioMauris allowed us to provide an efficient and effective fulfillment solution to deliver our prescription products throughout the U.S. The DataDirect technology platform streamlines the prescription process resulting in a positive impact on compliance and outcomes while providing real-time information about medication use and efficacy.
Their team is extremely knowledgeable of the landscape of Medical Foods and the implementation was surprisingly fast and straightforward due to their proprietary technology and expertise in healthcare. Furthermore, there marketing team assisted with the design of co-branded marketing materials effectively communicating our collective value proposition to the medical community. 
Dan Henry, General Manager,

Increase the perceived value of your product by distribution through a mail-order pharmacy program…

Separating a newly-launched OTC product from the competition can be difficult when it is jockeying for shelf space with more established brands at superstores, franchised pharmacies and major e-commerce markets. At BioMauris, we have increased revenue and brand recognition for companies looking to raise awareness of their flagship products.

Take advantage of the powerful functions of DataDirect and let us help you implement a program that takes your products to the next level:

  • Multi-channel distribution programs focus on different segments of the market: ship to physicians who dispense your products from their practice or direct online ordering by patients
  • Customized dashboards and reporting shape your strategies: manage your sales team by evaluating territorial performance, structure promotions based on responsiveness to discounts and outreach methods, analyze seasonal trends and more
  • Volume pricing allows physicians to receive exclusive pricing not available to the general public. Physician verification procedures protect your price points
  • Call center is an extension of your business, answering and placing calls as a representative of your company, not ours.
“We have worked with BioMauris for about 2 years and find them to be a great partner. They designed and built our e-commerce site and customized it to our requirements, bringing a lot of great ideas and suggestions to the table. Our main contact, Sr. Director of Operations Kelly Pedrick, takes a great deal of pride in what he does and he works very hard to achieve the exact results that we are looking for. He has worked many late hours developing, building, and maintaining our e-commerce site and always has good suggestions for how it can be optimized. He has an excellent ability to effectively listen and to logically proceed with each task, both large and small, and is available when needed, which I really appreciate. This isn’t always easy considering we are bi-coastal. His customer care service team is friendly and responsive. We consider BioMauris to be a valuable asset to our team.”
– Lisa Atkinson, Product Manager
PuraCap Pharmaceuticals LLC



Organizational goals in the healthcare industry are as diverse as the companies inhabiting this competitive space. Not every company plans to launch nationwide distribution of their newest product from day one. Some companies in the healthcare field do not even sell products but see value in taking control of their daily influx of data. See some of the ways BioMauris and the DataDirect platform have helped our partners without providing distribution and fulfillment services.


BioMauris has partnered with organizations which rely on relationships and networking to fuel their businesses but were unable to maximize their productivity due to deficiencies in their technological resources. We worked closely with these organizations to develop powerful, intuitive information management tools to increase their efficiency. BioMauris can manage contact information collected from website activity, send automated e-mail replies, create reports and dashboards and more.


It is just as important to strategize for the launch of a pipeline product as it is to work on increasing sales of an established one. BioMauris has helped several partners with pre-launch outreach and marketing campaigns. BioMauris will conduct in-depth, targeted outreach campaigns to the physicians most likely to prescribe or carry your product. All actions and responses are captured in DataDirect and follow up is performed accordingly by phone, mail or electronically. Using our direct distribution model, we easily support sample programs. Integrate your product website with DataDirect to capture and analyze website activity, which can be leveraged following launch of your product. Seamlessly implement a direct distribution program to increase product exposure.


BioMauris is experienced in managing research studies for companies looking to justify the public launch of their products. All participant communication, including initial qualification and follow up, is managed by our call center. Ship test product securely through our HIPAA-compliant distribution process. Surveys tracking participant response to treatment can be sent out electronically with results captured in DataDirect. All communication activities and product distribution information are tied to the participant. Leverage our robust reporting capabilities to analyze your outcomes and develop an appropriate BioMauris distribution program should your product go to market.

“Working with BioMauris has been a rewarding experience.  I have worked with dozens of vendors over the years and I would have to say that BioMauris has been one of the most exceptional organizations to work with.  They are highly efficient, deliver stellar results and are a pleasure to work with.  We needed a partner that had expertise in software and e-commerce development to help us create a sophisticated automated beta study program for our specialty supplements.  We also needed to create an e-commerce buy site for consumer purchases.  The team at BioMauris worked with us through weekly meetings designed to help us navigate all of the details required to meet our goals.  These meetings were highly organized and the expertise that Sr. Director of Operations Kelly Pedrick and Manager, Customer Operations Jeanna McCarthy, provided was exceptional.  BioMauris has delivered a partnership that will allow us to expand our business and serve our market with industry leading quality
Service and professionalism.”
Jim Daniels, CEO
CortControl LLC


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